My Trust Is In the Lord — Psalm 11

Henry Haffner has written a wonderful new tune for Psalm 11. Here’s a video and lyrics. Since we were recording we thought we’d add a little banjo and piano. Enjoy!


My trust is in the Lord; how can you say to me,
“Away with speed, and like a bird to your high mountain flee?
What can the righteous do? What can for them avail,
If their foundations be destroyed and all they built on fail?”
The Lord in Zion dwells, the Lord’s throne is on high:
His eyes behold the sons of men; O they will sure be tried.

The Lord the righteous tries: but wicked men He hates,
For all whose hearts love violence His punishment awaits.
Fire, winds, and burning coals, on wicked men shall rain;
This is the portion of their cup, the cup which they shall drain.
Because the righteous Lord delights in righteousness;
And with His gracious countenance the upright He will bless.

Text: Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church, 1887, Alt. 2016, Henry C. Haffner;
Music: GAINESBORO, Henry C. Haffner, 2016.