Bulletin and Newsletter for Sunday 8/13/17

Bulletin and Newsletter for Sunday 8/13/17

Bulletin for Sunday 8/13/17

Newsletter for Sunday 8/13/17

God is great. When we say that, it is certain that we are unable to express all we should. Indeed, can we even conceive
of all the implications of just one attribute of God? Where do we begin? Today we will sing that God is mighty,
reigning, creator, good, merciful, kind, supreme, forgiving, holy, victorious, etc. In the absence of the ability to
express truth comprehensively, we sing from a place of wonder. The hymns chosen today lift our eyes from creation
to the creator, from dust to glory. But also, notice how these same hymns move us to praise and adore our God who
inhabits His people such that they will not be deceived or led astray. He knows His sheep, and they know His voice.

All Thy works, O Lord, shall bless Thee; Thee shall all Thy saints adore;
King supreme shall they confess Thee, and proclaim Thy sovereign power.

Key Words: Test, Spirits, Know, Confess, Overcome, Greater, Listen
Keystone Verse: Greater is He who is in you than He who is in the world. (1 John 4:4)