Music at Parish

Musical Choices in Worship:

At Parish Presbyterian we do our best to simply focus on being biblical, which is not a comment about style as much as it is about content.  We sing Psalms, hymns, and songs that focus on some aspect of the Scriptures and theme of worship.  Because we print our music each week we are not tied to any particular hymnal, which means we can pull from a wide variety of historical settings and musical styles and allows us great freedom in verse choice, responses, and musical meditations.  Please browse our bulletins here.


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Our Sound and Team:

The guitar and viola are the foundational instruments of our weekly worship.  This combination, along with extra strings and piano provide a very pleasing mix of folk and classical music.  However, we do not simply intend on capturing any particular genre of music.  Instead, we want to allow the folks who worship to bring their gifts and use them to the glory of God.  We are blessed to have several very talented singers, string players, pianists, guitarists and percussionists.

Musical Leadership:

Nathan George, our Chief Musician, comes to Parish Pres. after spending the last ten years as a solo touring musician.  Learn more about both his congregational and solo music here:

Henry Haffner, our Assistant Music Director, is also an instructor at New College Franklin and Middle Tennessee State University, and is the principal violist of the Lexington Philharmonic.

Musician, Nathan George

Musician, Nathan George

Assistant Music Director Henry Haffner

Assistant Music Director Henry Haffner