worshippingWe are called to worship in spirit and in truth, and we want to engage our affections as well as our minds.  To this end, we keep several key elements before us, and continually remind ourselves that Parish should be:

  • Neither traditional nor contemporary
  • Full of reverence and awe
  • Confessional and Biblical
  • Focused on congregational participation
  • Emphasizing every means of grace at every opportunity.

Also, we are gathering to meet a holy God, and as such, we do our best to reflect the attributes of worship we find in the Scriptures.  You will find that we use a lot of Scripture, both in reading and in song.  And, we use a very purposeful and consistent liturgy, but that at the same time we are not overly formal, and even do our best to avoid formalism.  At times worship should be very intimate, personal, and comfortable, while at other times it should be lofty, stately and weighty.  At one moment the friendly nature of Christ is our focus, while the next may be the wonder and awe of an Almighty God being in our midst.

You can find sermons, music, and more using the menu above.  We also encourage you to prayerfully prepare for worship using the upcoming bulletins, which you can find here.